Intel® Cloud Builders Guide Intel® Xeon® Processor-based Servers Fujitsu Primergy* VMware vCloud Director*

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Fujitsu Primergy*

Audience and Purpose

This reference architecture seeks to simplify the deployment and operation of a cloud. We built a cloud with VMware vCloud Director* and the cloud eXtention* platform, PRIMERGY CX1000*, on an Intel® Xeon® processor-based server platform and documented the work involved with this particular cloud configuration.
...>The content is targeted to IT professionals responsible for the design, implementation, validation, and utilization of cloud structures. We describe details on the hardware configuration, software configuration, and results from specific test cases we implemented that demonstrate basic operational capabilities.

This paper should complement product documentation and is provided as a starting point for the actual development of an enterprise or service provider cloud.

Executive Summary

With the arrival of cloud computing, IT decision makers have been given a unique opportunity to lead their organizations through challenging times.
Cloud computing brings with it a level of flexibility, efficiency, and cost-control that was impossible even a few short years ago.

This approach abstracts applications and information from the complexity of underlying infrastructure, so IT can support and enable business value. Cloud computing architectures are built on the foundation of virtualization. Fujitsu Dynamic Cloud* is built on the Dynamic Infrastructures strategy. Based on that strategy, Fujitsu has developed customer-centric solutions, which enable you to use cloud computing in your enterprise in ways that are easy and secure. It is a very flexible concept that helps IT organizations meet the challenges posed by their IT more effectively.

Read the full Fujitsu Primergy* Intel® Cloud Builders Design Guide.

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