Intel® Cloud Builders Guide Intel® Xeon® Processor Servers Powerleader PR* Series Servers Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal* 2.0

Intel® Cloud Builders Guide: Powerleader Power Rack Server*

Audience and Purpose

For cloud service providers, hosters, and enterprise IT organizations who are looking to build their own cloud infrastructure, the decision to use a cloud for the delivery of IT services is best done by starting with the knowledge and experience gained from previous work. This reference architecture, als...o called "this guide," outlines a private cloud setup using Windows Server, Hyper-V*, and the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service Portal* 2.0 (VMMSSP) on the Powerleader Power Rack* (PR) Series Servers, powered by the Intel® Xeon® processor.

Using the contents of this guide, which includes detailed scripts and screen shots, should significantly reduce the learning curve for building and operating a new cloud computing infrastructure.

Because the creation and operation of a cloud requires integration and customization to existing IT infrastructure and business requirements, it is not expected that this guide can be used "as-is." For example, adaptation to an existing network and identification of management requirements are out of scope for this guide. Therefore, it is expected that the user of this guide will make significant adjustments to the design to meet specific customer requirements. This guide is assumed to be a starting point for that journey.

Executive Summary

Enterprise IT departments can build private clouds today on the Microsoft* server platform, including Windows Server*, Hyper-V*, and the System Center* suite of management software. Microsoft is committed to making it easier for customers to deploy private clouds in their data centers. Enabling private clouds is one component of Microsoft’s commitment to deliver IT as a Service. The other components of IT as a Service are the Windows Azure Platform Appliance* and Windows Azure + SQL Azure* in Microsoft’s data center.

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