Intel® QuickAssist Technology for Security and Compression Acceleration

Improving Performance Across the Data Center

Intel® QuickAssist Technology improves performance and efficiency across the data center by offloading servers from handling compute-intensive operations.  

Server, networking, big data, and storage applications use Intel® QuickAssist Technology for functions including:

  • Symmetric cryptography: cipher and authentication operations 
  • Public key cryptography: RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and elliptic curve 
  • Compression and decompression: DEFLATE compressed data format specification

Transition to a software defined infrastructure (SDI) (e.g., NFV, SDN) to gain greater flexibility and agility over fixed-function compute environments.

By including Intel® QuickAssist Technology in your SDI environment, service providers can increase efficiencies within applications that use security and compression acceleration capabilities.

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