Faster Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia for Remote Patients

Remote Healthcare System Speeds Diagnosis: Case Study

A N D Technologies develops a portable healthcare device based on the Intel® Atom™ processor that captures and analyzes EKG data, thus speeding up diagnosis.

•Reduce reliance on cardiac specialists: Enable general practitioners to interpret the data and diagnose arrhythmias.
•Improve care for remote patients: Allo...w patients experiencing an irregular rhythm to quickly inform a hospital, clinic, or physician at any time, from anywhere.

• AI-EKG*: Captures and analyzes EKG data, sending it to healthcare providers at another location.
• Intel® Atom™ processors: Provide the computing power needed to simultaneously analyze EKG data, run the user interface, and communicate with physicians wirelessly.

Read the full Remote Healthcare System Speeds Diagnosis Case Study.

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