The Future of Enterprise Computing: Preparing for the Compute Continuum

The Future of Enterprise Computing: Prepare for Compute Continuum

White Paper: Executive Overview

Enterprise client computing is at an inflection point. A number of trends and pressures—including the explosion of connected devices in the marketplace—are driving a transition from the traditional client computing model toward a future in which employees will use a variety of devices to... access information anywhere, at any time. Intel envisions a Compute Continuum that provides a seamless, consistent experience across devices.

We are shifting focus to deliver certain services to any device—and to multiple devices for any employee. By taking advantage of a combination of technologies and trends—such as ubiquitous Internet connectivity, virtualization, and cloud computing—we have an opportunity to meet changing user requirements and redefine the way we provide services.

To deliver these capabilities, Intel IT established a program in late 2010 to chart a path from today’s traditional client computing model. Our strategy includes three overlapping phases:

• Supporting IT consumerization. In response to employee productivity needs and technology expectations, Intel IT has begun to provide access to e-mail, calendar, and other business applications from personally owned devices. Our focus in 2010 was on smart phones, and we also plan to deliver services on larger personal devices
• Delivering IT as a service. We are developing and testing capabilities that let us deliver our IT applications and environment as services that run on a variety of personal and corporate devices, rather than as a single integrated hardware and software platform.
• Delivering the Compute Continuum for the enterprise. Our goal is that users will be able to securely access services anywhere, at any time, from a growing variety of personal and corporate devices. An increasing number of these services will be delivered from our private cloud and from public clouds.

Read the full Enterprise Computing Future White Paper.

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