Talk to an Expert Stealthy Threats Webinar

John Skinner, director of secure enterprise and cloud at Intel, and Ed Metcalf, director of product marketing for Intel solutions at McAfee, discussed the new threat landscape and how next-generation security solutions are designed to help you:

• Provide zero-day protection that detects, blocks, quarantines, and removes stealthy threats before damage is done.
• Proactively block rootkits and other new threats that can’t be detected by traditional security measures.
• Deploy a preventive security approach that goes beyond the operating system to guard against viruses and malware at the hardware level using McAfee DeepSAFE* technology.

They also answered questions from those who attended the webinar during a live question-and-answer session. Be sure to attend our next webinar so you can get your questions answered by experts in the IT industry.