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Cambridge University Uses Solar Energy to Deploy Eco Vehicles

Cambridge University turns to solar energy and Intel® Solid-State Drives for the development of eco-friendly vehicles

Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) is a team developing a solar-powered car to compete in the prestigious World Solar Challenge 2011. Founded in 2007, CUER is developing cutting-edge, energy-efficient, ...and race-winning vehicles to prove the viability of sustainable energy. The cars are powered only by the sun. To speed up the design process, ensure optimal performance, and gather data for future design refinements, CUER collaborated with Intel and made extensive use of Intel® Solid-State drives.

• Speeding up design:
CUER needed to increase the speed at which it was designing the aerodynamic features of its solar-powered car in order to participate in the World Solar Challenge 2011
• Robust telemetry:
The race is in Australia and, given the extreme heat and dusty environment, CUER also required an in-car telemetry system that could withstand adverse conditions while capturing important data

• Blue-chip sponsorship:
Intel supplies access to a high-performance computing (HPC) cluster and workstations that include two Intel® Solid-State Drives (Intel® SSDs) each for faster design performance
• In-car monitoring and storage:
Replaces in-car hard disk drives (HDDs) with Intel SSDs and instrumentation powered by Intel® Atom™ processors to capture data during the race

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