Protecting Sensitive Data on Laptops is More Important Than Ever

Data breaches continue to increase in number and cost
Businesses have access to many robust security solutions. These include anti-virus applications, intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) and intrusion detection applications, as well as encryption, data loss prevention (DLP) solutions, and authentication applications (identi...ty and access management solutions). Yet, with all the security applications and approaches available today, companies are still vulnerable to data loss and theft. In fact, according to a 2010 Ponemon Institute benchmark study, the average laptop has about a 7 percent chance of being lost or stolen. Businesses are struggling not only to protect sensitive data, but also to prove compliance with increased security regulations in both Europe and North America.

Sensitive data is still increasingly vulnerable
Many factors contribute to the continued rise in data breaches, including:
• More sophisticated equipment and software applications for hackers.
With less investment, it’s easier to break through security and commit data breaches.
• An increasingly mobile workforce.
As users become more mobile, laptops—and their data—are more exposed to loss and theft. For example, health-care workers are often mobile, not just within hospitals and health-care centers, but between campuses. Other vulnerable groups include consultants, financial advisors, sales and marketing users, construction engineers, and other workers who travel between job sites.
• Laptops are often shared in environments such as data centers, schools, and customer service centers.
Sharing laptops among many users not only makes sensitive data more vulnerable to loss or theft, but it also puts data at greater risk of unauthorized access.
• Bulk shipments of laptops.
The military, government agencies, and educational organizations are particularly vulnerable to laptop theft during transport.
• Expensive assets.
Customized telecommunications laptops for field technicians, for example, are particularly tempting to thieves. As a result, their sensitive data are at greater risk of exposure.
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