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Get the reliability, security, and performance your business needs at all times with an Intel® Xeon® processor-based server.

A Smart Investment for Your Small Business

Many small businesses use a desktop computer as the central hub for storing data and running shared business applications. Undoubtedly, the value of your data is enormous. What better way to keep it protected at all times with a server that not only safeguards your data but has the power – beyond what a PC can do – to help your employees become more productive and position your company for growth.

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Your Data Is Your Business. Put It on a Server. Pair It with Cloud Services

Once you have made the investment to secure your data on a server based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E3 family, combining it with cloud-based services powered by Intel® Cloud Technology to host some of your business applications is an ideal solution to propel your business forward. Learn more about the benefits of owning a server, and how pairing it with cloud-based services offers a winning combination for small business.

Products Built for Small Business

A versatile platform to support a range of business needs.

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Face today’s IT challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s innovations.

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Leading performance and high levels of reliability for data storage needs.

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معلومات المنتج والأداء


من المحتمل أن يكون قد تم ضبط البرامج وحمل العمل المستخدمة في اختبارات الأداء بالشكل الأمثل لكي تعمل على معالجات إنتل فقط.  ويتم قياس اختبارات الأداء مثل SYSmark وMobileMark باستخدام أنظمة ومكونات وبرامج وعمليات ووظائف كمبيوتر معيّنة.  وقد يؤدي التغيير في أيّ من هذه العوامل إلى اختلاف في النتائج.  عليك الرجوع إلى اختبارات أداء ومعلومات أخرى من شأنها مساعدتك في إجراء تقييم كامل لمشترياتك المتوقعة، بما في ذلك أداء المنتج عند جمعه مع منتجات أخرى.