Intel® Fabric Suite 7: Product Brief

Intel® Fabric Suite 7: Product Brief

Maximizing Investments in High Performance Computing

Around the world and across all industries, high performance computing (HPC) is used to solve today’s most demanding computing problems. As today’s high performance computing challenges grow in complexity and importance, it is vital that the software tools used to install, configure..., optimize, and manage HPC fabrics also grow more powerful. Today’s HPC workloads are too large and complex to be managed using software tools that are not focused on the unique needs of HPC.

Designed specifically for HPC, Intel® Fabric Suite 7 is a complete fabric management solution that maximizes the return on HPC investments, by allowing users to achieve the highest levels of performance, efficiency, and ease of management from InfiniBand-connected HPC clusters of any size.

• Intel FastFabric and Fabric Viewer integration with leading third-party HPC cluster management suites
• Simple but powerful Fabric Viewer dashboard for monitoring fabric performance
• Intel Fabric Manager integration with leading HPC workload management suites that combine virtual fabrics and compute
• Quality of Service (QoS) levels that maximize fabric efficiency and application performance
• Smart, powerful software tools that make Intel® True Scale Fabric solutions easy to install, configure, verify, optimize, and manage
• Congestion control architecture that reduces the effects of fabric congestion caused by low credit availability that can result in head-of-line blocking
• Powerful fabric routing methods—including adaptive and dispersive routing—that optimize traffic flows to avoid or eliminate congestion, maximizing fabric throughput
• Intel Fabric Manager’s advanced design ensures fabrics of all sizes and topologies—from fat-tree to mesh and torus—scale to support the most demanding HPC workloads

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