The Design Solutions Network (DSN) is a global ecosystem of independent qualified companies offering an extensive range of FPGA, embedded, systems, and Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions design expertise; board, Intel FPGA® and Structured ASIC intellectual property (IP), and EDA products; and training to customers to accelerate time to market and lower product development risk.  Working closely with Intel, DSN members are an indispensable source to help you with anything from selecting the right IC devices for a new product design to multi-board system level design or IP integration.

Accelerate Product Development

  • Use off-the-shelf IP, boards, COTS, or solutions to reduce your development time
  • Evaluate members’ board and IP with quality metrics
  • Get online, virtual or instructor-led training when you need it
  • Consult with a member to help you select the right FPGA, SoC, Structured ASIC, or Intel Enpirion Power Solutions
  • Get help with new product design feasibility or complex high-performance system design

Minimize Product Development Risk

Quickly locate members that offer:

  • Intel FPGA, SoC, or Intel Enpirion Power Solutions engineering design services
  • Custom development kits, modules, boards, COTS, or IP
  • Comprehensive end-market application and Intel FPGA expertise
  • Prototyping, compliance, and manufacturing support

Support from Intel

  • Members must meet established criteria to maintain DSN program membership, such as technical training, successful customer project or product development support, and provide board/IP quality metrics
  • Members qualify for Intel FPGA benefits to accelerate customer support: early access to roadmaps, boards, IP, product promotion, and preferred technical and sales support

Platinum members have the highest level of Intel customer project design or IP/board/COTS product experience

Gold members offer a wide range of Intel programmable device, applications, or solutions expertise across our product families